Friday, 8 August 2008

A big 'thank you'.....

Many thanks to Greygal on the DogsOnTour blog for getting us 'out there' and putting a link to our blog on theirs. Rog will be tickled pink at the reference to 'Swallows and Amazons' as he has been a HUGE fan since he was a very small boy - so much so that our first narrowboat - an old GRP top Harborough Marine ex-hire boat- was re-named 'Teasel' as soon as we bought her, after a boat in one of the books. You couldn't have known, Greygal, and we think that is a good omen for our future life on board - at least we have the names for it!!

And no, Greygal, I have never known anyone called Titty! however............ (and you know the rest from my email!!)

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  1. I certainly hope it is a good omen and a warm welcome to the blogging club


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