Thursday, 17 December 2009

The launch of Singing Hinny…

Today saw the launch of Beacon Boats No 10 – no longer are we their newest ‘baby’ on the system!  Being moored for a while at Pillings Lock Marina, we were in an ideal situation to watch and photograph the launch.  With fingers crossed that it would go more smoothly than our launch, we wandered up to the slip at about 10 o’clock.  The boat was just arriving on the lorry, shortly followed by the crane, and Ali and Neil.

SDC10449 SDC10450

Still on the lorry

SDC10451Mick and Ingrid, the proud owners, Mick nervously clutching his bottle of beer to ‘christen, the boat

SDC10452 Up

SDC10453 Up a bit more

SDC10454 Around

SDC10455 And down

SDC10456 Heading for the water just as it started to snow!

SDC10459 Bottom wet

SDC10460 The moment she was afloat for the very first time

SDC10461 Free at last!

At which point we repaired to the cafe for hot drinks and a full English!!! 

The launch went without a hitch, thank goodness.  Congratulations to Mick and Ingrid on a lovely boat – we hope you have many happy hours aboard.


  1. that was such a smooth launch....thankfully! The best yet....sorry it wasn't yours!...a little 'deja vous' I think?


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