Thursday, 3 June 2010

Surprise visitors….

We were moored at Semington on Tuesday evening, amongst the water irises, and just finishing our dinner, when Rog looked up and said that there was a mad woman waving in at us through the side hatch!  I looked up and it took me a moment to recognise my old friend Christine, who I worked with in Cyprus, and haven’t seen for 3 years, along with her husband Charlie and their two sons.  Charlie is in the Army and stationed in Germany, but they were over for half term staying with family in Warminster.  Always an avid reader of the blog, Charlie had decided that we were so close that they had to come and see us.  We had a good old chat, and then they went on their way, promising to come again in July if they could.  It was wonderful to see you all.  If you aren’t doing anything much on Saturday, we will be coming up the locks at Devizes in the morning, and we can always do with a few more crew – you can even have a drive Charlie, if you like!!

 SDC10936Christine, Charlie and the boys

 SDC10935Moored amongst the water irises at Semington

We are now at Seend Cleeve, awaiting the arrival of Serenity’s visitors tomorrow, and will moor either at Sells Green or Foxhangers tomorrow in preparation for our climb up ‘the flight on Saturday.

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