Monday, 8 November 2010

Toe update

As so many of our readers have been enquiring about the progress of Rog’s toe, I thought I’d put an update on the blog to save typing it over and over again!

The news is good, apparently.  The podiatrist removed the black dead bit on the end a couple of weeks ago.  Rog went back to to St Mary’s at Paddington last Wednesday and they were very pleased with it – it seems to be healing at long last.  The infection seems to have cleared up, and it looks very clean, although not very pretty. It will never be what it was, as there is a large chunk of flesh from the end which has completely gone now, but if it heals over it won’t be too bad.  

He has another appointment on Dec 1st, and they will measure progress then, and make a final decision as to whether to leave well alone, or to chop the top off.  So we are still playing a waiting game, but it sounds more promising now.

Watch this space.


  1. Glad to hear that h's doing well - it must have been such a worry.

    Sue, Indigo Dream

  2. Best wishes to the invalid...from us on Caxton. We are pleased that the prognosis is more upbeat. The wedding pics were lovely by the way
    X Lesley


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