Friday, 27 January 2012

Bye-bye nb Caxton…

It was a sad day today when I read the last blog update from nb Caxton.  Several months ahead of nb Windsong in build, we followed her build faithfully, feeling a special affinity as she is Barnowl’s No 9 Boat, and we are Beacon’s No 9 boat.  As we got to know Lesley and Joe better, Lesley and I found that a lot of our idea’s of what we wanted from a narrowboat coincided.  However, Lesley and Joe fairly soon discovered that they wanted something different, and nb Yarwood was born.

So farewell nb Caxton – if and when we see her again she will have a different name – nb Manley Ferry. We hope her new owners enjoy her – we will give you a wave when we see you out on the cut.  We will enjoy following, and hopefully sharing in some of nb Yarwood’s adventures.  See you on the Fens Lesley and Joe!

caxtonnb Caxton – photo courtesy of the nb Caxton blog


  1. See you before the Fens maybe??

  2. Yes, hopefully - we shall have to see if we can synchronise dates so we join up with you on the way. xxx


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