Thursday, 30 January 2014

It’s stopped raining!…..

At last we woke to a sunny morning, and we decided to make the most of it.  We have been visiting local supermarkets and other shops just to keep dry over the last few days, and poor Ozzy hasn’t had much of a walk, only just along the road on the lead since we got here. So we decided to go and find somewhere to give him a good off lead walk.  This is where we went:


This Lac De Gurson – about a 15 minute drive from our gite.  It’s a local tourist attraction with swimming, tennis, fishing, a restaurant etc.  Of course nothing is open at this time of the year, so it was lovely and quiet.  There were at least half a dozen cars parked in the car park, but we didn’t see any people.  We walked half-way around the lake and Ozzy had a good run to stretch his legs.  We walked back the way we had come as the path was good, and further on it was a quagmire.  We’ll go back again in a few days and hope that it has dried out a bit and walk all the way around.  Ozzy has tired himself out, and is now fast asleep,drying out in his crate as he was horrendously muddy.  The ground is saturated after several days of almost constant rain and, being clay, is very claggy – even normally dry paths are a sea of mud!  Still, hopefully we’ll have a bit of dry weather and be able to get out a bit more over the next few weeks.  Watch this space!


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