Thursday, 1 May 2014

Yes, we are still around…..

I’m sure all our readers will be wondering what has become of us. We have de-winterized the boat and are all set to start cleaning her up for the summer season.  When we went up to Barrow last September for the first, and probably the only,  Beacon Boats get-together, our Webasto boiler decided to pack up working.  We didn’t worry too much as we knew it would probably need a service soon.  We didn’t need to heat the water as the engine will do that, and we didn’t need the central heating.  It turns out that the anti-freeze that was in the system had reacted to the metal and had crystalized, blocking the pump.  It’s been cleaned out, some piping replaced and 3 diesel leaks from the system that have been there since launch have finally been stopped (we hope!).  We have yet to receive the bill, but are hoping it won’t be too big as there were no expensive parts needed!  We are going to try to get down to give the boat a good fettling over the next couple of weeks, and then a short day trip out that we have promised some friends, and then, all things being equal (Mum’s health especially!)  we will be all set to embark on a longer cruise this year.  What with one thing and another, we have only cruised for a total of 7 weeks in the last two years, so we are hoping to get out for longer this year.  Watch this space, we will be back blogging soon.

In case anybody out there hasn’t heard – our builders, Beacon Boats have sadly launched their last boat and closed their doors for the last time, due to the continuing ill health of 50% of the staff.  The business has been wound up in the correct manner, with no unfinished boats, no outstanding debts, and all deposits for future build slots returned to some very disappointed customers.  We wish both Ally and Neil all the best for the future, and say thank you, once again, for building superb boats.  The industry will be all the poorer for your absence from it.

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