Saturday, 7 March 2015

New boots and cruising plans…..



I have new boots!  My old faithful Brashers have begun to fall apart, but that’s not surprising since I’ve been wearing them every day for the last 5 or 6 years!  I had a great deal of trouble buying them in the first place as I have extraordinarily wide feet.  Unfortunately Brasher don’t make that style any more so I’ve had to buy their replacement.  Not looking forward to breaking them in though, they feel rather tight!  But then the old ones did too, when I first bought them – my toes used to go numb for a while before they stretched to accommodate my weird shaped feet.  The old ones are still just about wearable though, good enough to change into when my feet need a break from the new ones.

Rog had an op last Wednesday to remove the cataract that had developed in his left eye.  He has a follow-up appointment mid April, so, as long as everything is as it should be, we can start our cruising year shortly after that.  No real plans as to where we are going this year yet, only that we need to be on the South Oxford at either the summer half term, or the beginning of the school summer holidays as we’ve promised to take our eldest granddaughter Flo, for her first trip as crew for a few days.  At nine and a half now, we think she’s ready, and, if all goes well we may swap her for middle granddaughter Milly who will be eight by then.  Can’t cope with them both at the same time yet, as they get into all sorts of mischief together!

So, watch this space – we’ll be back soon.


  1. Hi Pip and Rog,
    We will have our two grandsons (10 and 5) with us for a week in their Scottish school holidays in July - we've had the older one on his own before, but never the younger one for more than a day or so. It is going to be interesting and a lot of fun, I suspect. However it will no doubt be followed by a big lie down for the grandparents when they have gone home ... The older one was very useful on the Bosley locks last year although we did wear him out a bit and he got rather sore from the exertion of the upper arms and back. Of course he's a year older and a year taller and stronger now so there'll be no slacking!
    Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)

    1. Hi Marilyn - both our granddaughters are little dots so I can't see them being much help, however much they want too! I think the main job will be to keep them from being too bored.

  2. Hi you 2,
    We plan to return to the boat for a short holiday. M2L is residing in Cropredy Marina while we had a year off taking care of medical problems. The sun is shining for us all now so we look forward to being on the waterways. Chas n Ann

    1. Hopefully our paths may cross somewhere this summer. Glad to hear that the health problems are now in the past. xxx


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