Thursday, 30 October 2008

She's looking grand....

We didn't manage to make it up to XR & D this week as other commitments got in the way, but the lads have sent us some photos, and she's looking great, all decked out in her 'battleship grey'. Note that Gary managed to avoid being photographed this time. (Shame on you, Gaz)

Almost ready to go now. The move to Beacon Boats for the fitout will be on Tues 18th November. Unfortunately, it looks like Rog won't be able to get the day off so it will be up to me to go and record the occasion for posterity. I'm not very good with a camera (either behind it or in front of it!) so I think I'll just take loads of photos and hope that there are one or two that are fit to go on the blog. Watch this space....


  1. I love that pinched bow - you are goingto have a beautiful looking boat!

  2. Thanks Lesley - we are very pleased with how she looks - can't wait now to get the fit-out started, won't be long now. You seem to be settling down to life aboard very well - have you just closed up the house until the market improves?


  3. Hi Pip
    Yes, the house has been mothballed. We will sell in a couple of years when things pick up and in the meantime we will live the nomad life..

  4. Wow, so exciting! Can't wait for next blog Pip... (room for a small one and 2 hairy herberts?)

    Lot of love Jules (Germany)


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