Tuesday, 18 November 2008

We are proud to announce Windsong's safe arrival.....

6.30am this morning saw us on the road in filthy weather on our way to watch Windsong's arrival at Beacon. Now, normally for me there is only one 6.30 in a day, and it's not in the morning - but I managed to put a matching pair of socks on, so that's an acheivement! It was still raining when we got there, as you can see from the spots on the first few pictures, but it stopped just as the work was beginning, thank goodness.

The arrival

It was so early because they make double use of the crane and the lorry, and Windsong's predecessor in the workshop - nb Merryweather - was to be launched at Pillings Lock Marina at 10am. Space is tight outside the workshop so it was an amazing feat of juggling. Merryweather was pulled out of the workshop yesterday on rollers (rather like the pyramids were built, with the rear roller being moved to the front when it became free)

Merryweather waiting patiently

Windsong waiting on the lorry
Windsong was then craned off the lorry onto sleepers - very scary as there was an alarming tip as they hadn't got the slings in the correct place at the beginning.
Going up!

And up!

And down!
Merryweather was then craned up and swung through 180 degrees onto the lorry, swinging over the top of Windsong at one point.

Don't drop it now or we'll have a double decker!

And down safe over the lorry! Phew

Windsong was then craned up, and also swung around through 180 degrees onto the rollers that had just been vacated - this time they got the balance right first time



Around a bit more


A bit more

Just about there
She was then pushed all the way in with a digger!!

They all did a grand job in such tight confines - you could tell they'd done it before! Thanks guys and gals!

After another cup of coffee, and another stage payment made, we were on our way for a McDonald's Sausage and Egg Mc Muffin - that's blown the diet again then!

Considering that we did no work at all this morning, by the time we got home again just after 11am we were exhausted - pity Rog had to go to work this afternoon! We shall be up again within a couple of weeks to ok the wiring setup before the foam insulation is sprayed so watch this space - things will really start moving now!


  1. So glad everything went well! She looks wonderful even in battleship grey! Looking forward to regular progress reports but less of the sausage and egg McMuffins please.

  2. Blimey - you're on the ball, I've only just posted this!!! Don't be a spoilsport about the sausage and egg McMuffin - a celebration was called for - better than champagne to to starving dieter any day!


  3. Hi Pip
    We will be eagerly awaiting progress reports on your baby --looking good gel! PS. Mentions of food are a no no at the moment because our Greygal is dieting big time !!!

  4. Thanks Lesley.
    As to dieting - so am I!!! And have been all year - 2 stone lost now, don't think I will ever reach target though, still, when we are on the boat I'm hoping that I will be able to eat a bit more as I won't be sitting around on my fat bum all day!! Hope things are going well for you - Brinklow sounds really nice - not many Marinas are as dog-friendly as they seem to be - we will seroiusly consider there if we find that cc-ing doesn't suit us as much as we hope it will.


  5. I love to watch the progress of builds and follow the excitement of the owners knowing as i do of the wonderful lifestyle that`s to follow.
    good luck to you both and see you on the road some day.
    LES NB Valerie

  6. Thanks Les

    See you on the cut. (We did see you when we were walking at Foxton once)


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