Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fitting-out commences.....

We went to Beacon on Saturday to ok the wiring setup. As you can see from the photos, they have made a good start - the ballasting is done, and the sub-floor is down, the battenning is finished, and the wiring is all but completed ready for the spray foam insulation to be done on Wednesday.

Looking towards the stern

Looking towards the bow

XR & D's hull number

The engine


  1. Great photo's Pip - time will rip by now the fitout has started - best wishes

  2. Hi Bones - They are mostly fixed to the steel internal struts/boxing with self tappers. If no other available fixing, they are screwed via other battens.

  3. Hi There,

    As Caxton says great photos which show a wealth of detail for anyone doing a fitout or keeping an eye on were wiring is for later on. Wish we had the same on NB Rivendell built 4 years ago. Look forward to following the build through the great photos.



  4. Hi Don
    Thanks for your comments - we wanted to have a full pictoral record of the build to look back on and thanks for reading the blog. I have looked for a blog for nb Rivendell to return the favour but can't find one - do you have one?


  5. Hi Pip n Roger,
    We are watching progress. Hope all the wires are where you need them! Stick to the plan, dont change it now. Will always remember your kindness while we were on the Nene.
    Chas n Ann


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