Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

On Wednesday, the man with the compressor arrived at Beacon to spray-foam the insulation.
Ali kindly took these photos for me and emailed them as we won't be able to get down again for a look until the week after next - thanks Ali.

The electrics all taped up and ready to go

Foaming in progress - looks like the blizzard that the north of England suffered on Thursday!

Finished and looking all Chritmassy!

Starting to cut back the foam to expose the battens and electrics again

The line-out is started underneath the gunwhales


  1. Hi There,

    The story continues and at what a pace! Out of interest do the boat yard use any further insulation behind the boards such as new HiTec foil insulation to further improve insulation properties?


  2. Hi again Don - No, no other insulation is being used behind the line-out as we are quite happy with the insulation properties of the foam - we have been on board several boats with just foam insulation and found them all toasty warm. Not sure if you've found my answer to your pervious comment so I'll ask again just in case - do you have a blog that we can read?


  3. hi there, i didnt know there was a boat builder so close to home, drive past them 4/5 times a day...!!!
    i will be watching closely indeed, looks very exciting, i was just expecting to buy a new build without the hassle of saying what i want, it would be too frustrating for me as im impatient, love to see this in action.
    have a nice christmas

  4. Hi damo(Leicester City Football Club?)
    Thanks for your comments. You CAN buy a new build from builders who build a spec boat - loads do, but we had very specific ideas of what we wanted, and it wasn't available as standard so we went to a bespoke builder. However Beacon will build you a spec boat if you so desire - just leave it up to them what they put in and where - but you'll have a long wait as all their build slots are booked up well into 2010. The New & Used Boat Company and Narrowcraft at Alvecote in Staffs are the first two builders that come to mind who sell standard spec boats, although there are loads of others if you look in the waterways magazines, If you want to just walk in and buy one, however, you may be better to buy a used boat, as you will usually have to wait for a new one, as even standard boats are usually built to order. Good luck with your search - I'm sure that Beacon will welcome you for a look at Winsong if you give them a call and arrange it for sometime when you are passing (but please call them first)


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