Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Yes, it's us.....

We are staying with Mum in Northampton for Christmas, and decided to take a drive out to Foxton to see if we could find nb Caxton as we thought it was time we met. As we were walking along the towpath a duvet on legs accompanied by a lady carrying Christmas pressys came towards us. 'Morning' says we, 'Morning', says they. 'Wonder if that's Lesley', said Rog. We walked on a bit and came to Caxton, where we found Joe, and introduced ourselves, to be told that Lesley was helping Jill from nb Matilda Rose load up the car as they we going off to Norfolk for Christmas. Lesley (minus duvet) returned to the boat and we were kindly invited in for a look, and a very welcome cup of tea. Cassie had to be dragged on board at the bow as she took exception to the generator chugging away on the stern. Caxton is a beautiful boat, and Lesley and Joe are very happy with her. We spent a very pleasurable hour or two having a good old natter - we felt like we'd known them for ages.
And, unlike Lesley's, our camera was fully charged so here's one of me with Joe and Lesley, and Fletcher, Floyd and Cassie (Fletcher and Floyd are beautiful, and so well behaved - please can we swap ours for one of yours, Lesley). Thanks both for your hospitality, and we look forward to seeing you next summer 'on the cut'.

We also took a photo of nb Matilda Rose, but Jill and Graham had left for Norfolk by the time we dragged ourselves away so no photo of them, however, it was nice to meet them both and hopefully we will get to know them better when we next meet.

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