Saturday, 3 January 2009

And Mother came too.....


We went up to Beacon again last Tuesday, (apologies for my tardiness in posting this blog, but I've had the lurgy ever since Tuesday afternoon, and haven't felt much like concentrating on writing this until today)

We took my 81 year old Mum with us as she's been dying to see progress - she can't wait to come cruising with us. She had a bit of a struggle to get up the stepladder and into the boat, but she made it, and was very impressed. (David Bailey forgot to get a photo of her on the boat, so you'll have to take my word for it that she was actually there!)

Much progress has been made - the Travel Power is in, and the electrics are coming on a treat.

Most of the plumbing is in, and Neil was just starting to pressure up the water system when we arrived and stopped him from working. Best of all, the tiles in the shower are up, although not grouted as yet, and they look great.

We will probably not go up next week - Mum is now in bed with the flu, and as soon as she feels well enough to travel, I will take her home so she can be ill in the comfort of her own home, and stay a few days until she is well on the mend - that will probably take up most of the week, so we will go to see progress the week after. Neil says he plans to start on the bedroom cabinets very soon - in fact he may have started on them already, so there should be lots of changes by then.

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  1. Hope you Mum is feeling a lot better, you don't need the flu at 81... Look forward to seeing the cruising octogenarian on the cut later this year!


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