Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mum - it doesn't fit...

We have been whiling away the time between visits to Beacon by doing some clearing out - we did the glory-hole under the stairs yesterday, and, among other things, found Cassie's puppy bed. On spotting it on the dining-room floor, she made a bee-line for it, and couldn't understand why she didn't fit in it any more - she had a lie down anyway!


We have got a bit addicted to selling stuff on eBay - not that we've been doing it long, but have sold a Tivo (old hard-drive TV recorder), and a TENS machine. They didn't go for much but at least it's better than chucking them on the tip. We have some other stuff with bids all of which end at the weekend - Rog's RAF Mess Dress has a bid of £102 so far, with 13 people watching so hopefully it will go a bit higher, and we have a few watchers on some furniture. I can't see that going for much either, as it's all quite old and very traditional in style. However, we have some old and very rare BBC Transcription LPs - we have found a website that gives record auction results, and some of the LPs we have got have gone for a good few bob (one made a huge £800 a few years ago!!!) When we discovered this we got very excited, and spent the rest of the day cataloguing the rest, and putting one on eBay to test the water. If it does well - or even if it doesn't, we will put the others on a few at a time and, you never know, we might make enough to pay for the washing machine and tumble dryer! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

The Bank and '3' versus us....

Rog spotted a really good deal from '3' just before New Year - mobile broadband and 500 mins for £22 a month, saving us around £10 a month on two separate deals. We duly trudged into Peterborough (I hate Peterborough!) to the '3' shop, only to find that it was an internet deal - but they did the paperwork for us anyway. We then had a phone call from '3' informing us that we had been chosen for a random fraud check, and they needed us to fax them a copy of a recent bank statement with the account details, and our address on. We didn't mind as we have been subject to a mobile phone contract fraud ourselves. But the problem is that we do internet banking, and don't get paper statements - and here the problems started!

Rog phoned the bank and asked them to send him one, in the post, explaining exactly what we needed. "Certainly Sir"they said. A week later nothing had appeared.

Second phone call to the bank. They said there was nothing on their system to say we'd asked for one and we should go to the branch in P'borough and they would print one out and certify it. Rog did that. "Not good enough" said '3'.

Third phone call to the bank - "Nothing on the system to say you've asked for one Sir - very sorry - we'll get one out to you" By this time Rog's blood pressure was going up! One week later still nothing.

Fourth phone call to the bank - I did it this time as Rog was in serious danger of losing his temper big time - spoke to a lovely lady who promised to get it to us, but it could take 10 days. On Saturday it arrived - in a hand-written envelope with no address on the statement! Ahhgggrrr! Much gnashing of teeth. Spoke to '3' again (we were in danger of losing the order as they had already held it over for a month) They said to fax the statement and some other forms of proof of address, but they couldn't guarantee that it would do. Rog did this.

A call from '3' on Monday morning - "have you sent the fax" "Yes" Rog said. They said they hadn't received it!!! More gnashing of teeth.

Another call to the bank - same lady - it turns out that they can't produce a statement retrospectively that has all that we need on it, so we changed the internet details to ask for paper statements again, and she changed the date that it is produced today. We will wait and see if it arrives!! ('3' have held the order again - but not for much longer, I fear)

The bank also had the cheek to charge us a fiver for a 'historical statement, but the nice lady at the bank said she would credit our account - it would show up today. Rog had a look this evening - it's there under Refund of Charges - but they've debited it not credited it!!!!! I think I'm going to slit my wrists!!! I'll have to phone them again tomorrow!!! We can't understand it - we've banked with the same branch for almost 34 years, ever since we've been married, and always been really happy with their Customer Service - they've undone all that in one fell swoop! Personally - I would have told '3' to stick their deal - but Rog doesn't want to do that as it is so good (apparently even Mortgage lenders accept a bank certified statement as proof of address so why won't they?) Watch this space - we'll keep you posted.

If you've managed to stay awake through this boring saga - we are going to Beacon again on Thursday, so more pics of the boat then.


  1. Hi Pip and Roger
    I would be inclined to change banks or/and at the very least to write polite but stiff letter of complaint about the farce they call service! I would want to tell 3 to take a hike as well but if the deal is good you just have to bite your lip...

  2. Oh don't get me started. I'll be telling you about my O2 saga next - no, madam, your address doesn't exist, sorry - and then you'll get really bored!

  3. Hi Pip & Roger
    Got your message on the blog. Sorry we haven't got back to you before. Like you, we decided to go for a separate washing machine and tumble dryer and it's proved to be a good decision. Our washing machine is the Bosch Classix slimline (Bosch WLX24162GB compact 4.5Kg)and a Compact tumble dryer(Indesit IS31VU compact 3Kg vented) The washing machine is a standard width but slimmer depth. It's perfect, as all the washing fits in the tumble dryer in one go and it's good on water.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Lesley - I think that I will write that letter - don't want the hassle of changing banks though!

    Greygal - I'm glad it's not just us - we seem to attract this sort of problem - what are we doing wrong!!

    Del and Al - thanks for the info - we will look into both of those. You say the dryer is vented - how and whereabouts have you got it?


  5. Hi Pip
    Its in the engine room and vents through one of the mushrooms.....works brill

  6. Hi guys; you want to be bored, ask me next meet about how you get you're new passport back when you live on the cut.Venting tumble dryers through mushrooms is a bit posh, we vent ours through the back doors; keeps the driver's feet warm (the mushrooms I tend to stuff).

  7. Thanks Del and Al - no engine room, so that's that idea gone for a burton!

    Jill and Graham - I can imagine the passport saga! - when it comes to us having new ones they will have to go to my Mum's. Everyone seems to have a story like that to tell - but there's no excuse for our problem, we still have an address and all that goes with it!
    Talking of stuffing mushrooms - I'm certain you mean the consumable ones,don't you, and not the ones on the roof - else the RCD police will be after you!


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