Friday, 30 January 2009

Sitting on the Dock of the eBay...

The eBay auction for 5 of our items ended today. Lunchtime saw us glued to the computer as the minutes ticked down on the first item - Rog's Mess Dress (I know, I know, sad or what? but it was quite exciting seeing the bids go up in the last couple of minutes) The Mess Dress went for a good price, and we also sold one of my ballgowns, our dining table and six chairs, and a display/TV cabinet. Only one item remained unsold - our wall unit, but they are really out of fashion these days so we weren't surprised - we'll put it on again and have another go.
The auction for the first of the our BBC transcription LPs ends on Sunday, and we have high hopes for that - hope we aren't disappointed! Watch this space.......


  1. Ball gown!!!! When is the pumkin going up for sale then?

  2. I can do you a good deal onna pumpkin, might struggle with the white mice though!

  3. Roger, would you mind sharing with me how and when you started your departure from the RAF? I am going to be in a similar position when I leave the RAF in 9 years time and it is our intension to travel the waterways when I leave. My email regards Dale


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