Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I might look thick but I can add up.....

Selling all this stuff on eBay neccessatated a trip to Staples today for packing supplies. I picked up a 4 pack of Scotch tape - £6.07. Single rolls were 97p!!! Strange, I thought, they must have made a mistake on the price labels on the shelf - so I went and asked the girl on the till to tell me how much each was.

"Oh, there's 20% off those today - the 4 pack is £4.85, and the single roll is 78p. So, having left my brain in bed this morning, (my excuse - I have got a rotten cold and am not feeling at my sharpest!) I said I'd have the 4 pack. It was only when I got outside that I thought " Hang on a mo, how much were the single rolls" So I went back to check. Yes, the single rolls were 78p! I said that I'd like to return the 4 pack and take 4 single rolls please.

The girl was not pleased, huffing and sighing - talk about stroppy!!! I tried to lighten the atmosphere by making a joke, but she wasn't having any. So then another lady came over and said to go over to the till and she'd do the refund for me - she was also hatchet faced!! I asked why they were over-charging for the 4 packs and she just shrugged. So in the end, I gave up, accepted my £1.73 refund and left. What a bloody cheek!!!

Be that a lesson to you all - do the maths when buying multi packs! The same thing happened in Asda last week, a 'Saver' pack of two packets of digestive biscuits was 50p more than buying two single packs. I wonder how many people have been conned like that!

There is a little message on the bottom of my Staples receipt " We care what you think! Take a short survey and be entered into a monthly draw, just log on to
You bet I will!!!!

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