Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More cupboards....

Now the snow has gone we were able to make our fortnightly trip (a week late!) up to Beacon to photograph progress - not expecting to see a great deal because of the weather. We were very pleasantly surprised. Neil, the mad boatfitter, is so dedicated that he walked 5 miles to work on the first day of the heavy snow because he knew that he wouldn't make it by motorbike! The man deserves a medal!
The small dressing table in the corner of the bedroom

It will hold the dirty linen bin

The vanity unit in the bathroom awaiting the basin - here resides the tank for the vacuum loo

The bulkhead between the galley and the saloon - note the beautifully rounded corner

The L-shaped dinette taking shape - we decided that it would make the saloon look bigger than a 'Pullman' type

Rog's beloved 'Smart Gauge' battery monitoring system

The batteries are in place

The Webasto central heating boiler
Not a great deal else to say this time - except that we will probably accompany Ali to Midland Chandlers one day next week to choose some bits and pieces.


  1. what a terrific blog. I love looking at the pics and different stages of fit out.
    Have added you to my blog list. i myself hope to be doing exactly what you are doing in 6 years time when my blessed mortgage is paid off.
    i have started my own interior layout design www.dundustins.blogspot.com


  2. Thanks for the comments, glad you are enjoying the blog. Had a look at yours, 32" telly, blimey we are having a 20", that will be plenty as you sit fairly close.

    Keep in touch
    Roger & Pip

  3. Nice to see the build progressing, make sure you have a spare cassette for the vac loo

  4. Thanks Les

    Yes we do have a spare cassette, they are not the largest, so best to be prepared.



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