Sunday, 22 February 2009

Finding Sid the Slug....

As planned we went over to Foxton Locks to have our first go at Geocaching. We fired up the Garmin and set off along the towpath below the locks as instructed, and who should we spot but Hadar! Unfortunately there was nobody home, but we took a pic anyway.

We continued on our merry way, and a few minutes later the Garmin gave a loud beep - we were there! We had a root around and found the first cache quite easily. It was in good order, and well hidden from the casual passer-by. After checking that nobody was around, we signed the book, and had a good rummage around the contents.
We found Sid the Welsh Travel Slug, who is travelling around from cache to cache, looking for watery places to stay and decided that we would move him to a new home, so Rog put him in his pocket. We also had a look at who had found the cache, and discovered that Sue from Nb No Problem had been there.
After returning the cache to it's hiding place, we retraced our steps to see if we could find the other one on the towpath somewhere near the top of the locks. Of course, we had to stop and have a latte from the cafe at the top, and do a bit of gongoozling while we drank it. We got chatting (as you do) to a lovely couple on Nb Shimshams as they exited the top lock. A beautiful Braidbar Boat - No 101. Lovely to meet you both - sorry, forgot to ask your names - hope to see you again at Crick.

We then carried on to find the next cache. Again it was quite easy to find if you were looking for it, but well hidden from the muggles. This time we took nothing and left nothing - we had decided that Sid could do with a new watery home somewhere over this way - he hasn't travelled this way yet, so it would be a new experience for him. Sue had also found this cache - we're right behind you, Sue - Swallows and Amazons Forever!

After replacing the cache where we had found it we returned to the cafe - by this time our tummy's were rumbling, so we sat and had a lovely Cornish pasty for lunch. We were joined by a very cheeky robin who hung around until I tipped my crumbs on the ground - he obviously knew that it was a good spot for an easy meal.

We enjoyed our first taste of Geocaching very much, and plan to go and find a nice new home for Sid during the week.
Update on the new walking boots - my toes didn't drop off, and I didn't have to change into my trainers. I wore thinner socks today and they were a little less tight, so I will let them stretch a bit before I try them with the thicker socks again. Phew, what a relief, I haven't wasted £90! I find it a nightmare to buy any shoes or boots from an ordinary shop as I'm a size 5 EEE fitting, and 'normal' shoes just don't fit me. As it was I had to buy the boots in a size 6, but they seem fine.


  1. sounds a super day had by all. As I sit here in my brick clad 3rd floor flat looking out over other brick clad flats, it does fill me with a sense of warmth that one day soo I shall be on the canals free from work and brick clad views.

  2. Yes it was a good day. We are not free on the canals yet, but not too long now :-)


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