Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sunset from the porthole!! ...

Well, it would be if we had a porthole to take photos out of yet - but as it is, it's out of our front door!
Mum was really quite poorly over the weekend, but yesterday morning she decided that she was well enough to travel, and please would I take her home to her electric blanket?! This I did, and this morning she was well enough to be left, so after doing some shopping for her, I came home to Rog. She will recover much faster in her bungalow without having to worry about the stairs, so I left her too it. She has a very good friend who only lives a few minutes away, and drives, so she will pop in every day to check she is still on the mend, and get her any shopping she needs.
We have had a beautiful day today, after the coldest night of the year, and were rewarded with this beautiful sunset, which the camera doesn't really do justice to.

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