Thursday, 18 December 2008

Progress report

We had a call from Beacon to ask if we could go up this week and chose the galley tiles from their supplier in Loughborough. They needed to know what size tiles we wanted so that they could determine the height of the bulkhead between the galley and the dinette. Of course we had to call in first to find out where we were going. We were amazed at how fast things were moving along - all the lining is in, the ceiling is almost finished, and all the bulkheads (apart from the galley/dinette one) are up. And very good it is looking too!! We are increasingly glad that we decided to go with maple walls and ceiling as it has a beautiful finish and, according to Ali and Neil, is a pleasure to work with. The photos show it looking a bit paler than it is, but that is just the flash on the camera - it has a honey tone. We have chosen oak for the floor and the framing around the doors, side-hatches, portholes, Houdinis etc as we didn't want it to be too bland - we think the contrast will be lovely!
Looking from the galley towards the bathroom

Bedroom/bathroom bulkhead from the bedroom

From the bedroom into the front well-deck

Bulkhead from bathroom to bedroom

The 'all important' khasi!

No more curries, chillis or kebabs for us then!

Or this will be full before we know it!

The calorifier

After we'd had a good look around we set of for the tile supplier - we chose the galley tiles, and also the bathroom tiles - unfortunately we left the camera in Beacon's workshop so we unable to take any photos of our choices, but will post them at a later date when they have been delivered. While we were having another coffee and a chat with Ali and Neil, an Aquafax delivery van arrived with the oven, hob, boat-hook and pole, freezer and various other bits and pieces. We will be going up again early in the New Year - I think it's about time that they had some time off, so we won't expect too much progress. although knowing Neil he'll be beavering away long before the rest of us have recovered from the festivities!


  1. Hi Pip
    Windsong is looking great - we know just how excited you are feeling!!!!

  2. Hi Pip
    I`ve got the same type of loo and must say a spare cassette is a must.
    `Windsong` is certainly coming on a treat.
    Have a nice Christmas and hope to see you both on the road next year.
    Les (NB Valerie)

  3. Lesley - we think so too! just read your latest blog saying you were going home for a couple of days - pity - we were planning to take a drive over to Foxton tommorrow to say hello. Never mind, hopefully we'll meet up some time soon. Have a good Christmas.


  4. Hi Les
    Yes, we have got a spare cassette - I'm sure we'll need it!
    Have a good Christmas yourself, I'm sure we'll meet next year sometime.


  5. Pip
    We will be back a Foxton Sunday evening if you fancy a meet early next week?


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