Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Leek Arm of the Caldon…

On Monday morning we left Consall Forge – we decided not to go all the way to Frogall as we knew we wouldn’t get through the tunnel.  We went past Hazelhurst Junction to go to Endon and use the facilities, and then moored there for the night. 

We turned around on Tuesday morning, and made our way back to Hazelhurst, and turned up the junction.

SDC10301 These are the locks on the main line as the Leek Arm travels parallel, but above, for a while

SDC10302 Pretty Cottage – pretty price tag too, I suspect!

 SDC10303 Leek Tunnel Pool


SDC10305 Inside Leek Tunnel

We continued on to the end of the Arm, and were lucky to nab the last but one mooring.  Cassie decided one again that we were stopping here


We took a walk back to the tunnel pool later on to get some photos as it really is a lovely spot – after hauling ourselves up a 1 in 2 slope to walk over the tunnel we came across a farmer loading a bull into a truck – he had a poorly foot and needed to see the vet for treatment



His lady-friends were none too happy to see him go, and were voicing their disapproval in no uncertain terms in the field behind us!

 SDC10311 The Peak District in the distance

SDC10314 Steep path

Photos taken we returned to the boat for a well earned cuppa.  We have stayed here today as we needed to do a really good clean-up, having been far too busy socialising and cruising last week to bother with anything as mundane as house(boat?)-work. We will move back down the arm tomorrow and moor for the night near Milton – I feel the need for a Chinese take-away coming on!

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  1. Hi fellow bloggers! We will be putting photos from Froghall Basin and the boat you mentioned is still there - should be tonight with a bit of luck! We've been having some more electrical 'challenges' hence the delayed postings.


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