Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Onto the lovely Caldon

On Friday we had a good run through Stoke and Hanley and onto the Caldon


Statue of James Brindley at Etruria Junction


And up the staircase locksSDC10284

Old and New – bottle kilns and new housing at Hanley

We stopped for the night at Milton, and made a fairly early start as we planned to be at Consall Forge by teatime.  It was a gorgeous day, the sort that makes you remember why you do this boating thing! The countryside was beautiful, and we had a lovely days’ cruising day.

SDC10287 Art Work at one of the Stockton Brook Locks

SDC10286            Stunning countryside

SDC10296                                                                                    Hazelhurst Junction



                                                                        Serenity working  Hazelhurst LocksDSCF0010                       The Hollybush pub in Denford


Aqueduct carrying the Leek Arm

We got separated from Serenity as we passed the Boat pub at Cheddleton, as three boats travelling together pulled out in front of us after  they had passed by.  Serenity decided not to wait for us but to go on ahead and find us both a mooring spot at Consall Forge – good job they did as we got the last two spaces!  We all adjourned to the Black Lion for a well-earned bevy or two! The Churnet Valley Railway was running, with a wedding party on board


Rog made us a curry on Saturday night, and we had a ‘last supper’ with Karen and Ian.  On Sunday morning, at eight o’clock, while the mist was still on the water Karen and Ian pulled the Serenity’s pins and headed up to the very end of the Caldon at Froghall.  They returned several hours later for a quick stop to say goodbye as they had to get going on their return journey.  Before they left we had a bit of excitement – an old wooden working boat had become stuck under narrow bridge and her skipper came to ask if someone could tow her clear.  Karen, being ‘boatwoman extraordinaire’ volunteered.  They reversed to the bridge and tied up to the working boat.  With much heaving and straining, she was finally through.




Through and on their way, KAren certainly made a good job of it! 

We were very sad to wave them goodbye, as we have had a brilliant week travelling with ‘Serenity’ – we all got on like a house on fire, with the same warped sense of humour.  We made a pact to do it again next year sometime. We certainly made an impressive sight, and attracted lots of admiring comments – we made sure everyone knew who had built the shells and fitted them out – hopefully we have been a good advert for Beacon.

DSCF0025 Windsong – all lonely without our ‘twin’

I will blog again in a day or two with our adventures down the Leek Arm.

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