Sunday, 20 November 2011


For anyone who has been interested in the course of Cassie, our Golden Retriever’s epilepsy, this is just a quick update.  All year her fits have been getting closer together, she now has one about every two to three weeks, sometimes more often, despite increases in her medication.  Our new vet here in Corby decided that it was time for her to see a specialist, so she has been referred to the Animal Heath Trust at Newmarket, so see a Neurologist.  Her appointment is on Tuesday morning, so wish us luck.  I will keep you updated as to their findings and opinions.



  1. Hope all goes well for Cassie. That's a lovely photo of her xx (Ian & Karen)

  2. Hi Pip and Roger, Hope all goes well for Cassie on Tuesday, Best Wishes and Good Luck Doug, James and Oscar

  3. Hiya

    Great photo of Cassie, hope it all goes well on Tuesday.

    Ali & John x

  4. Thanks everyone, for your good wishes. (FYI photo courtesy of our son Russ - our very own 'David Bailey')

  5. Fingers crossed for Cassie - keep us posted.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  6. Its a great picture, hope all goes well for Cassie on Tuesday

    Rod, Elaine and Pip ( NB Water impulse )

  7. Hi Pip
    I opened this post with dread.. I was sure it was going to be bad news. With great relief I read that a new Vet is going that extra step to help her so here's all aboard Caxton wishing her the very best and chins-up you two!
    X Lesley


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