Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Trust Logo…

It’s been announced that the new waterways charity is to be called the Canal and River Trust – one wonders how much of our money has been wasted on the re-branding and the new logo!!!

Canal & River Trust logo


  1. Oy, be fair! It's long been announced, and repeated in the latest release, that Pentagram have done the work for free this time. (They designed the BW and Waterways Trust logos.)

    There's a plan to use volunteer teams to put sticky vinyls over the existing logos, but I think it would make more sense just to let the routine replacement sequence do the job, frankly.

    All the best


  2. Bruce - fair enough, I must have missed the announcement about Pentagram doing the work for free, but how much have the man-hours cost in committee meetings to decide on the new name when keeping the British Waterways name would have been acceptable to all, especially as it was voted for in the poll some time ago. I agree that replacing the existing logos would be better left to routine replacement as it becomes due as volunteer teams are all very well and good, but someone will have to be paid to organise them, which is an expense that the new charity could well do without.


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