Friday, 16 September 2011

Moved into our winter ‘moorings’…

We have at last moved into our new home – or winter ‘moorings’.  We have found a house to rent in Corby!!  Yes, Corby – I know, I know!!  Never in a million years would I have wanted to live here, but the road is a quiet, tree-lined avenue and the houses are 1930s red brick with bay windows in the living room and bedroom.  Several people we have spoken to have told us that it is the nicest road in Corby.  Anyway, we only have a six month lease to start with, so if we hate it we can look for somewhere else.  Most of the boxes are unpacked now, and a couple of bits of furniture bought to fill in the gaps.

We may go out on the boat for the odd few days here and there until the weather gets nasty.  Look out for the blog if we do, but unless we go somewhere or do something really interesting, there won’t be many posts for the next few months.  Have a good winter everyone. TTFN


  1. howdy! lived in Corby all my life - friendliest people i've ever met .... i'm on the Beanfield estate,i'm guessing you are north of the town centre


  2. Hi Ross, yes we are finding people friendly and are settling down well. We think we will like it here.
    Pip & Roger

  3. Hi Roger and Pip. Been following your blog for the last 2 years - good to know that you are well. Albert


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