Friday, 26 August 2011

Still alive and kicking…

This is just to let our regular readers know that we are still alive and kicking and haven’t retreated to non-blogger land!  We have been staying with Mum in Northampton while we get an early start on looking for somewhere to live for the winter, and to return to whenever the weather gets to horrible for us wimpish souls to brave life on board.  We have spent rather a long time in the car and have looked around lots of houses, the majority of which weren’t to our taste.  Quite a few which were to our taste were unavailable to us because the landlord refused to have a dog in the property.  Anyway, we have found somewhere and are just waiting for the references to come through before we can make arrangements to liberate our worldly goods from storage and set up home ‘on the bank’ again.  More news when it happens. 

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