Thursday, 11 August 2011

No Medieval village here…

This morning we left Crick, heading for Welford Junction.  We planned to stop just short of the junction and make the short trip up the arm to Welford tomorrow.  It is very empty on this stretch of the Leicester Section on the GU, but very pretty.  Nothing much to take photos of except fields, trees, red-brick bridges and the occasional tractor.  It started to rain quite heavily at one point, and after 20 minutes of getting wet the sun came out again.  Shortly afterwards we found a nice spot to moor a little earlier that planned, just past Bridge 36 and in the shadow of Downtown Hill.  We have had rain showers on and off since then, so we are glad we moored up when we did.  I took a walk between showers to the site of the Medieval village of Downton.  Nothing to be seen there now except for a stubbly field.  Up on the top of Downtown Hill there is what looks like a gate-house or lodge to be seen, but neither Nicholson’s or Pearson’s mentions anything about a it.  We have checked Google and OS maps and can find nothing, except several farms with ‘Lodge’ within their name.  Very puzzling!  Downton Abbey perhaps?!!

SDC11185All alone!

SDC11183Site of the Medieval village of Downton (or Downtown, depending on which map you are looking at)

SDC11186Rain on the way again!

DSCF0050-1The mysterious lodge or gatehouse on the hill

8.1 miles and 0 locks


  1. We are currently moored almost exactly where you were.

    Rob Pearson
    NB Hekla

  2. Rob, we love it there. We've stopped there several times since that occasion, and always been on our own. I'll bet you are too.

  3. The mysterious gatehouse is a modern house, on the Hemplow Hill - not Downton Hill.
    The picture of the site of the medieval village - you have taken from the middle of the village, unfortunately the site was ploughed up in the 1960's


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