Friday, 12 August 2011


We made for the Welford Arm in misty drizzle this morning.  We had a phone call yesterday evening from long-time RAF (now, like us ex RAF) friends Shirley and Andy to say they were going to be in the Leicester area today, and could they come and see us.  We arranged to meet them in the Wharf Inn at the end of the Welford Arm for lunch.  They stayed until 3.30 when they had to leave to go and do some Sainsbury’s shopping for Shirley’s mum.  It was great to see you both again, and thanks for making the effort to come and find us.

SDC11190Turning onto the Welford Arm

SDC11191Up the jungle again

SDC11193Shirley and Andy (and Rog and Cassie of course)

3.8 miles and 1 lock

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