Sunday, 11 March 2012

Good choice….

We chose today to take the boat out for a little run after the latest engine service, and to see whether the engineer at Debdale has managed to fix the dreadful diesel leak that we have had since the last service at Norbury Wharf.  And what a gorgeous day to choose.  The sun shone all day, and it felt like May, not the middle of March!  We didn’t go far, just up to Foxton and down the Harborough arm to the first winding hole and back again.  We moored at Foxton on the way back, (Foxton was heaving with gongoozlers by the time we returned), planning to have a quiet cup of coffee and some lunch before returning to the marina.  We had hardly got tied up when a chap with a boat at Debdale recognised Windsong and stopped for a chat, and we were soon joined by another couple with a boat moored at Debdale.  An hour later they were still there!  In the end I had to be rude and go and get our sandwiches out, we were starving by then!  We set off again after having eaten, and returned to Debdale.  It felt good to be boating again after what proved to be a long winter!

Touch wood, there seems to be no diesel below the engine after our little trip, and the engine sounds better than it has in a long while, so hopefully it’s fixed.

I forgot my camera, and had to take the photos on our little basic Nokia phone, but I’m dead impressed with the quality.







  1. Making us jealous. Not long now!

    John & Ali

  2. John and Ali - you'll be on your way soon. When are you leaving Yelvertoft to come to Debdale for your blacking? We will be leaving Debdale on 31st March, heading south for Gayton Junction to position ourselves for our summer cruising on the fens. We will probably meet up with you somewhere between Yelvertoft and Foxton if you are leaving around the same time. Let us know. xx

  3. Smart new look to the blog!

  4. Very impressed with the look of the blog! Evertime I try to load a photo into the header bar it is rejected and I am told I am over my limit?

  5. Good to see you're out and about again...the Harborough arm is lovely!!

  6. Lesley - try loading your photo into a 'gadget' below the title bar - this is what I had to do ages ago when I first wanted to put a photo on. For some reason it wouldn't let me, so I moved a 'gadget' to below the title and put the photo in there. It took a bit of messing around to get the photo the right size, but worked in the end. This time I didn't have a problem, but put it in the 'gadget' anyway because I didn't like the was the title obscured the picture. xxx

  7. Adam - thanks, glad you like it. You can blame Ali on nb Triskaideka for the change - she changed hers and got me all messing about with it again!

    Ally - yes, it is nice up the Harborough arm, we had a lovely couple of hours.

  8. Great to read that you are back on the water. Hope you are well. All the best Albert


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