Saturday, 31 March 2012

Debdale to Foxton….

Today at last we slipped the shackles, paid our dues at Debdale Marina – all of £1.63 for electrikery, and headed of into the wild blue grey yonder!  We should have got our act together and moved the boat last week or the week before – we might have known that as soon as we got on board the weather would change and we’d be back to winter!  We planned to only go as far as Foxton, all of twenty minutes (hardly time for the kettle to boil!) to meet up with Ali and John on Triskaideka on their way to Debdale to have her bottom blacked (Triskaideka – not Ali).  Sure enough, we’d only been moored up an hour when they arrived, having come down the locks this morning.  Of course it would have been rude not to repair to Bridge 61 for a pint or two, which we did.  We plan to eat at the Foxton Locks Inn tonight.

Our original plan was to ascend the locks tomorrow, but, as usual, plans change!  Rog and John are going to do a car shuffle tomorrow afternoon, Rog travelling with them on Triskaideka to Debdale, where he will pick up our car and take John to Yelvertoft to collect their car.  John will then follow Rog to Gayton Marina where he will leave our car ready for our arrival, and John will bring Rog back and drop him at Foxton.  It will save us all about £100 in taxi fares between us.  We will continue our journey on Monday now.


Moored below Foxton Locks

1 mile and 0 locks


  1. Hooray, you're back on board, but what did you do to the weather. This car hopping stuff is a nightmare - we hate it.

  2. Just read your blog and see that your about to start your 2012 cruise. Hope its a safe and happy summer adventure. let us know if you are coming up north so we can meet up.

    Ian & Jane ( Sadie & Murphy )

    Nb Delilah

  3. Ian and Jane - sadly this is just a re-positioning trip as we are moving house at the end of April, so will only be on board for a few days this trip. The plan is to go onto the Fens but that may not be possible due to the closure of the Northampton Arm, so we may be coming your way - we shall just have to see later on when we are ready to set off. But I've got your email, Ian, so will let you know. Cassie sends big licks to Sadie and Murphy xxx

    Jill & Graham - we've ordered and received better weather for you today, but don't bank on it lasting! Car shuffle not too bad - this is the first time we've done it with friends, Rog usually goes back to get it and pays a fortune in taxi, train and bus fares, but it worked out right with Ali and John on Triskaideka this time as they needed to get their car as well. So doing each other a favour and saving money as well. xxx


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