Sunday, 1 April 2012

An unexpectedly sunny day…

We awoke this morning to an unexpectedly sunny morning, and a hard frost.  The boat was freezing as we hadn’t left the stove alight, but soon warmed up after Rog lit it.  Cassie and I went for a long walk, and Rog prepared to wash the winter’s dirt off one side of the boat.  We had been unable to do it in the marina as our pontoon was only about 10 feet long.  Meanwhile, I washed the ports, inside and out, and the side hatch windows.  Once that was done we sat in the sun with coffee and then had an earlyish lunch so that Rog was ready to go with John and Ali to do the car shuffle.

They set off about 2 o’clock heading for Debdale and I settled down to catch up with reading blogs and writing my own.  All in all, a very relaxing day, although Rog will tell you otherwise as washing the boat has never been one of his favourite activities, he’d much rather be fishing!!  The sun has continued to shine all day, however the wind is chilly.  Don’t know what the forecast is for tomorrow, but I’m not holding out much hope of it remaining sunny.


Nb Triskaideka setting off with Rog on board – it seemed weird seeing him disappearing on someone else’s boat!

0 miles and 0 locks

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