Friday, 6 April 2012

Norton Junction to Gayton Marina….

Yesterday was a better day, weather wise – it was still cold and damp but at least it was dry!  After a quick chat with Al and Del on Derwent 6, we said our goodbyes and headed of to the top of Bucky Locks to await their opening at 10 o’clock.  While we waited we took the opportunity to fill the water tank.  The lockie arrived and unchained the top gates at about 9.45, and we set off down the locks in company with nb ‘It’s 5 o’clock, Somewhere’.  Heather and David were great company and we seemed to go down the locks very quickly.  I have to say that the Buckby Flight are certainly not one of our favourites – the gates are so heavy that it sometimes takes two people to open and shut them.  However, it makes life a lot easier if the crew of the boat you are sharing with knows exactly what they are doing, as do we.  There was no rushing around or dramas like you sometimes get with other boats, just smooth lock-working and smoother entry and exit to and from the locks.  We were down by about 11.30, and we parted company as they were mooring to await friends.  I was starting to feel very chilled by this time, so went inside for a warm up while I made some coffee.  We decided that we would crack on and get to Gayton Marina.  Passing Heyford Fields Marina, we spotted fellow bloggers nb ‘The Maisibert’ moored just outside, no sign of anyone on board though.


We arrived at Gayton Marina at about 3.30 and got settled and plugged in.  As we were there in good time, we decided to pack up and come home, rather than spend the night in the marina.  So here endeth the first cruise of the season. We will be back sometime next month when the house move is accomplished, but where we will be able to go by then is still a mystery!  Ta ta for now!

12.5 miles and 7 locks


  1. Hi Pip and Rog
    We just missed you as we thought. We are just setting out from Welton Hythe -in the New Inn at top lock Buckby flight. We plan to head to Warwick.
    It is rather chilly isn't it? Very different from last Easter.
    Love from Elaine,Rod and Pip - NB Water Impulse

  2. Hi all - yes, sorry to have missed you - as it was so cold we decided not to hang around but to make a run for it! Enjoy your Easter cruise - hopefully we may catch up with you later in the summer. xx

  3. That's a really good picture of Maisibert.


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