Sunday, 6 May 2012

No more cruising just yet…

This post is by way of letting all our readers know that we haven’t vanished off the face of the earth.  We moved house on 23rd April, but the upstairs is in such a sorry state, decoratively speaking, that we decided to get the rollers and paintbrushes out as soon as we had unpacked. The reason for this is that we couldn’t face going away for a few months on the boat and leaving it as it is, or we would have been too depressed coming back to it. We decided to do the guest room first as there was less furniture to shift from there.  Paint bought and various nails, screws and raw plugs pulled out of the walls, holes filled and sanded, we set to work last Monday.  We are neither of us experts as we have mostly had it done for us, having lived in Forces married quarters for all those years, but we didn’t make a bad job of it – I just never realised how heavy a roller-full of paint is!  I ended up using the small roller on the little bits of the walls.  It’s not quite finished yet, we still have the window sill and the cupboard doors to paint, but we can do them later on.  We took advantage of the Homebase 20% off sale this weekend and bought some more paint for our bedroom.  We have now moved our bed into the guestroom for the duration.  Our bedroom is by far the worst – there is a small piece of coving missing and the ceiling will also need to be painted, as will the skirting boards and cupboard doors.  We think we have found the right size coving (it’s quite small in diameter) so will go and get some to replace the missing bit tomorrow, along with ceiling paint and white gloss for the skirting boards.  Also some masking tape for the carpet – although that is so dirty a bit of spilt paint might be an improvement!  So that is where we are at the moment.  I’ll take some before and after pictures for you all to have a laugh at and post them next time!

0 miles, 0 locks, just a lot of climbing up and down step-ladders!


  1. Get yourselves out and leave decorating for winter ! x

  2. Ali & John - wish we could, but it's so dirty and horrible that I think I'd be worrying about it and getting it all out of proportion. We'll probably be ready to go out early June, depending on the weather. xxx


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