Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bugbrooke and back….

Having broken the back of the decorating now, we decided that we really ought to go out for the day on the boat and take advantage of the weather.  The forecast is not too great for the rest of the week, so I cancelled my haircut appointment today and off we went, taking Mum with us for a little trip out.  She can’t manage a holiday on the boat anymore as she is not as agile as she used to be, and has great difficulty getting on and off, and negotiating the steps down from the back deck, so a few hours out is ideal.  We were headed for the Wharf pub at Bugbrooke for lunch.


Just turned out of the Northampton Arm onto the GU main line at Gayton Junction


Quiet and peaceful, not many boats about


Mum enjoying the view from the bow


Caught on take-off!



Trapped behind a hire-boat on tickover, completely oblivious (or pretending to be!) to the fact we were almost up their rear end


BW (or is it C&RT now?) are doing some repair work on the banks along this stretch – however this was a tea-break!


We were lucky and managed to moor right outside the pub

We arrived at the Wharf just before opening and had a lovely lunch outside in the garden.  By the time we left we had seen the best of the day’s weather and it was becoming very humid and overcast, with a few rather ominous looking grey clouds.  However, we got back to the marina without the threatened shower and a good day was had by all.

7 miles and 0 locks


  1. Beautiful photo of Mum! xx

  2. Yes, but which pub? I think you turned north at the junction?

  3. Martin

    It says on the Blog "the Wharf pub at Bugbrooke" so I don't quite get your comment.


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