Saturday, 19 May 2012

At Foxton with Trish and Peter….

Today we managed to make our delayed visit to Foxton to meet up with my old (she’ll say ‘less of the ‘old’, but you know what I mean! )  school friend Trish and her husband Peter, who have a hire boat for a fortnight.  The planned trip was supposed to be last Wednesday, but they had a sleepless night the night before due to central heating exhaust fumes coming into the sleeping cabin, and they were worried about being asphyxiated.  So they moved to the front cabin, but the bed kept threatening to collapse!  Anyway, the visit was cancelled while they waited for an engineer to come, and re-arranged for today.  And, guess what?  It was raining!!  Typical – Wednesday was a lovely day!

We arrived at Foxton at about 9.40, found the boat and had a coffee, before setting off to join the queue for the locks.  We were no 4 in the queue so not too bad, as the first boat was just starting up.  A bit slow at first as there was a lot of messing about from two Canal Boat Club boats (ex-Anal Slime!) who seemed to be having problems remembering which paddle to open first, so that caused a bottle neck for a couple of locks, but the lockies soon got things moving again.  I had a little drive for a couple of locks just to get my ‘fix’ and then graciously consented to let Rog drive for the last lock.  It was strange to drive a cruiser stern again after so long with a semi-trad.  I’d forgotten how well you can see from the back of a cruiser stern!

Once up the locks, we tied up and walked back down to Bridge 61 where Trish and Peter very kindly treated us to lunch.  A good morning was had by all, and with the promise of  further meetings to be arranged, and a trip out on Windsong, we said our goodbyes and headed home, leaving them to continue their journey.


Foxton lockie Gerard Rogers,  long time drummer with 60's stars "Union Gap" of the song "Young Girl" fame (for those of you old enough to remember)!!!!


Trish and Peter


Waiting to enter the first lock




Trish working


Just past the half-way mark

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