Monday, 2 April 2012

Foxton to Downtown Hill ….

We were second to go up Foxton Locks this morning, following nb Callisto, the coal boat.  We had fairly quick trip up the locks, surprising as they are our first locks this year, Rog driving and me working the locks and by the time I’d done the third one I was already knackered!  We had a little help from one of the volunteer lockies after that, and Rog and I swapped places half way up.  John from nb Triskaideka appeared when we were almost at the top, having been dropped off by Ali who went shopping.  We had a little chat and then he went on his way to walk back to Debdale to see how they were getting on with the preparations for their blacking.


Foxton Top Lock, with it’s pretty daffs


View back down the locks

It was a nicer morning than we expected, sunny and cloudy with a chilly wind, but quite warm when you were sheltered.  We filled with water at the top of the locks then went on our way.  It was very peaceful, with the birds singing. Once through Husbands Bosworth tunnel we decided to head for Downton Hill as it’s a lovely spot to moor


Entering Husbands Bosworth tunnel

We arrived about 2.45.  If the weather is as bad as they are forecasting for tomorrow, we’ve not far to go to the moorings by Crick Marina.   I expect we’ll both be asleep in front of the telly by nine o’clock tonight!  It’s all this fresh air!


Stanford Reservoir in the distance


Moored in splendid isolation (just the way we like it!) at Downtown Hill

9.8 miles and 10 locks


  1. It's a great feeling to be back out again. Can't beat it. Had a good weekend ourselves.
    Karen & Ian (nb Serenity)

  2. Hi Pip and Rog, we thought we might have seen you at Norton Junction today, hope you have a great trip and that we will meet up one day. Doug and James

  3. We love reading your blogs Pip, not long till we are on our travels, Trish & Peter xx

  4. Karen and Ian - it is good to be back out - not today though, it's chucking it down and we're staying where we are! xxx

    Doug and James - We've heard so much about you both from Ali and John that we feel we know you already! Sad to have missed you, we arrived at Norton Junction yesterday afternoon. I'm sure our paths will cross at some point - we always know when you are out as we follow your

    Trish & Peter - hope you get better wheather on your hols than we are having today - not long now! xxx


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