Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our poor little wounded soldier….

Ozzy is home from hospital!  Apart from looking like a car crash he seems to be fine.  He HATES his ‘lampshade’ and is spending most of his time time trying to get out of it.  His wound is very swollen but will go down over the next few days, and when his hair grows back he’ll look much better.  Here he is giving me evils because I won’t take it off!



  1. Poor Ozzy. What a shame for such a fine looking chap. But he's young enough to learn how to cope.
    Those grass seeds have been particularly nasty this year.
    Good luck, keep well

  2. Glad he's home - he'll recover much better back with you two. After nearly losing a previous dog to grass seeds in lungs/heart I'm paranoid about them but there is no way you can find one behind a molar. Poor little Ozzy and poor you two. xx

  3. Deary me. Geoff is right those grass seeds have caused a lot of us problems this year but not as badly as that.

    Well at least he is over the worst and so are you. Now it is time to nurse him and before you know it he will be bouncing along again..

    Bless his cotton socks..

  4. He's not beyond giving a very hard stare with his good eye, is he?!

  5. Oh my, I've only just caught up with the blog - poor Ozzy and poor you!

    Hope he recovers well - my friend had a dog who had both eyes removed (glaucoma) and lived a long, happy and totally bonkers life - didn't slow her down one little bit....

    It's horrible when they're ill (and we really know this!) but at least he's home where he belongs.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  6. I too have only just caught up - poor Ozzy:-( Glad he is getting better now and I am sure he is enjoying extra cuddles:-) Ebony fell in the water the other day - she was standing waiting while I unzipped the front cratch and her front legs just gave way (vet says she 'forgets' to stand!). I managed to haul her out, despite the high edge, as she pushed the boat out with her weight, so she only got a wet foot and tail. She now wears her harness all the time whilst off the boat or on back deck. Linda, nb Kanbedun Again


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