Friday, 14 December 2012

Still alive and kicking…..

This is just to let our readers know that we are still alive and kicking!  Some of you will already know that we have once again had to move from our rented house, our landlords deciding that they had to sell the house, after assuring us when we took the tenancy in April that we would be able to stay there long term.  As you can imagine we were not happy!  Having got really fed up with paying other sod’s mortgages, but being unable to pay one of our own without selling the boat, we decided that we would buy a static mobile home to live in when we aren’t boating.  So, we are now the proud owners of a ‘landlocked widebeam’ at Overstone Lakes Park just north east of Northampton.  At least we won’t be given notice when we’ve been here six months!  We have once again had to sell all our furniture as our new home has fully fitted furniture.  All we have kept is the washing machine and tumble dryer which will live in a shed, and my grannie’s old blanket chest!  We are now moved in and have found homes for the majority of our ‘stuff’, some of which is in my Mum’s loft.

We haven’t forgotten about boating, and just to prove it, Rog found this in a wonderful local ‘Emporium’ and had to have it.


The focus isn’t wonderful, so in case you can’t make it out,  it’s called T’owd Navigation, and has an old boatman and his boat on the label.

Never fear, we will be back boating in the spring.

P.S Ozzy is doing well and doesn’t seem to miss his left eye at all.



  1. Well we sure have missed you.. So glad that everything is fine and it is great to see Ozzy coping so well.. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the update Pip - those of us that don't do Facebook have been nagging the Facebookers, that would be Graham, for information.
    Take care, hugs to the little guy and enjoy your Christmas!!!
    X Lesley & Joe

  3. Thanks Sue, it's nice to be missed. Hope you and Vic and the woofs have a good Christmas too. xxx

    Lesley, sorry you've had to nag Graham for info from FB - slap on the wrist accepted!!! Hope you all have a great Christmas, and we promise that we will come and find you in the New Year, weather permitting. xxx

  4. That looks to be a good beer, see

  5. Jill, Matilda Rose15 December 2012 at 21:01

    Finally we get some news; relying on Graham is .... well.. let's just say it's not very effective. Have a great Christmas. so very glad to hear that Ozzy is doing fine xx


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