Saturday, 13 April 2013

A visit to nb Yarwood….

Having missed Lesley and Joe on Yarwood coming up the Northampton Arm on their great escape from their winter prison on the middle levels lat week, we made arrangements to go and see them at Braunston today.  Having arrived at their mooring above the top lock we had coffee and a catch-up – we haven’t seen them since Yarwood’s launch the December before last.  Ozzy was well and truly fussed over by Lesley and Joe, and well and truly told of by Fletcher (or was it Floyd – I still can’t tell the difference!), Ozzy then went on to disgrace himself by cocking his leg on one of Lesley’s galley cupboard doors (he hasn’t had any ‘little accidents’ indoors for about 6 months!!).  Not the least fazed by this, Lesley just shrugged her shoulders and wiped it up (thank goodness for ‘doggy’ friends)!   After our coffee we wandered along the towpath to say hello to Jo and Keith on nb Hadar.  Jo was busy shovelling coal around the hold, so we had a chat and gave her the excuse to have a break.  By that time, lunch and the pub were calling, so we took the dogs for a little walk back along the towpath to the Admiral Nelson.  We had lovely baguettes, and the accompanying chips were to die for. Ozzy meanwhile had a cow’s ear which was stolen by Fletcher (or Floyd!) so we had to give him another, which was also stolen!  Having been growled at earlier, our little hooligan was too scared to take it back so Joe had to retrieve it for him!  A good time was had by all!!  Afterwards, we made tracks for home as Rog had already made plans to attend a ‘vaping’ get-together at a local pub.


Jo doing her impression of a Black and White Minstrel!


Nb Hadar


Lesley, Joe, Rog and the dogs outside the Admiral Nelson.


  1. Jill, Matilda Rose13 April 2013 at 23:17

    If food is being stolen its Floyd - the one with the centre parting!!
    We, most definitely, shall be requesting your help up the Northampton flight but, even without stoppages, it will be 2-3 weeks. What's to rush?

  2. Jill, don't blame you. We may have set sail ourselves by then, but we shall keep up with where you are via the blog - we may even drive out to see you one day, you never know. Get Graham to message me your phone number on FB. Enjoy the Nene. xxx


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