Monday, 15 April 2013

Oh the wonderful world of boatyards….NOT!

Months ago we booked Windsong into the boatyard at Gayton Marina where we moor to be craned out and have her bottom blacked.  The 5th April was to be the day.  A few days before that we received an email to say that repairs to their crane had been delayed and they were having to reschedule everyone’s bookings.  The next earliest date we were offered was next Thursday, 18thApril.  We phoned them this morning to confirm that it was all going ahead.  Yes, you’ve guessed it – the crane repairs have been further delayed and it will now be around the beginning of May – we haven’t even been given a date this time!!!!  To say we are pissed off is probably putting it nicely!!!  I had a ring around but of course nobody can fit us in before then.  Oh well, such is boating.  However, if it doesn’t happen then, it can bloody well wait until the autumn!!!


  1. Think you mean 18th April Pip? Hope you get it sorted soon.

  2. How about trying Braunston Boat Services where Yarwood is being done. Give Maureen a call on 01788 891079, they may be able to help.
    X Lesley

  3. You could also try Wharf House Narrowboats, 01788 891 181. They pull the boat up a slipway and provide a platform to get off the boat. Also free electric. No crane required! Don't forget inside your weed hatch.
    I think it is the same place that Lesley mentioned. It is below the lock.
    Chas n Ann

  4. Hi All
    I've edited the post to reflect the correct date - doh!!! Thanks for letting me know.

    Have tried Braunston Boats, there first available slot is May 1st, so we'ce decided to just hang on and see what happens at Gayton. There is no rush really, we have a wedding to go to on June 1st, and a bit of work to do inside the boat so we'll just take our time and go out after the wedding. Thanks for the suggestions though!
    Pip x


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