Monday, 3 June 2013

In the paint shed…..

We called the marina again at 10am this morning, to be given the all clear to take the boat to the paint shed, but to moor outside because they were going to use the ‘scabbler’ (?) to take the old paint off in the open air as it was a nice day.  We got ourselves over there and set off across the marina.  It was such a gorgeous morning that we wished we were heading for the exit and away!  We ended up going into the paint shed anyway as there was another boat moored where they wanted us – the painter said he’d move her out when it had gone and he was ready to start removing the old paint.


We removed the pram hood and cratch covers and then Rog removed the cratch board.  That proved a more difficult job than anticipated because of the attached cables to the headlight and front well light, but was achieved before too long.  The ropes and the plank/ladder were next, and the cratch and pram hood cover went into the car to be given a good scrub at home.  The ropes will also be given a wash in the machine.  There is a lot of green algae from the winter underneath the cradle which holds the poles and plank but there was no point in washing the roof, the painter said, the muck will come off along with the paint!

So here are the ‘Before’ pictures – ‘During’ and ‘After’ pics will follow as appropriate!




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