Monday, 17 June 2013

There’s good news and there’s bad news…..

The good news is that the roof painting is finished, the boat is back on her mooring and looking good…. well she will be when we’ve cleaned up the rest of the paintwork!



And the bad news is…. we won’t be going anywhere in a hurry because of this……


Yes folks, I’ve broken my left wrist!!!!  I did it yesterday, tripped over a tree root in the woods while walking Ozzy.  I’m so cross at myself, for putting a further delay on our summer cruising plans.  It just goes to show what a moment’s inattention can do.  And the eight and a half hours I spent in Northampton General A & E hasn’t improved my opinion of the hospital one little bit!  The department is a shambles, no organisation, with doctors wandering around not knowing where to find anything (the nurses were so overworked none of those I spoke to had had a lunch break by 5 pm!)  Ambulance crews and their patients on trolleys queuing in the corridor, and one poor old lady in her nightie having been brought in by ambulance after a fall fairly early in the morning, sat, all alone, for over 5 hours beside me, bleeding, and nobody even got her a cup of tea!  Also I had to step in and stop an argument between a patient’s son, and a friend, when she started berating him about not spending time with his mum, only appearing when she got taken to hospital!  The argument was taking place only a few feet from me, and was getting louder and louder and totally out of hand, so I just stepped in and said that it wasn’t the time or place.  The lady apologised and the son flounced off for a fag!  Eh, the things you see in A & E!!!  Anyway, my wrist had to be ‘pulled’ to be set, so the doc injected about a pint of local anaesthetic  in, well, tried to, but it hurt so much he had to stop.  They gave me Entinox!  Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever had it, and it’s good stuff!  I was out of it, but could still hear everything, and feel a bit, but it was a weird feeling, like several too many vodkas!!  Fracture clinic later this week and probably a full plaster then as I’ve only got a back-slab on at the moment.  Hopefully it won’t need pulling again.

So, our cruising plans are on hold again until I’m a bit fitter.  Hopefully we might be able to go out for few days when the wrist has settled and I’ve got a lighter cast on.  We’ll have to see how things go.


  1. Entinox is tops - but I'm so sorry you had to have it, what rotten luck! But I think it's very Nancy Blackett - get Roger to put a skull & crossbones on it! Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  2. Oh poor you. I know exactly how you feel having broken my wrist tripping over a bollard on the Thames. I also had the Entinox. Wonderful stuff that. I still felt some pain when the realigned the bone but didn't care a hoot as I had this wonderful floaty feeling, almost like an out of body experience. I had it in plaster for three weeks and then a wrist support after that. We still managed to continue with our cruise thankfully, but then again, with all the Thames locks manned, all I had to do was pass the Lockie a rope! Wishing you a quick and pain free recovery,


  3. Is breaking your wrist a boater's initiation rite? I broke mine playing badmintom many years ago - entenox didn't cut it though - I was anaesthetised and the various bits skewered in place like a kebab! All fine now :-)

    Get well soon and make sure that the fracture clinic assess your fracture properly - I've found that A & E are not the best for assessing fractures.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  4. Gosh you are not having the best of luck at the moment! Hey this Entinox sounds like good stuff! I must remember that for the future.. Hey what am I saying!!

    Speedy recovery Pip, you need to get going!

  5. Thanks for your good wishes everyone. I must say I'm well and truly fed up, but there's nothing I can do apart from grin and bear it! Plenty to do still on the boat, cleaning up after the roof paint, and I'm sure I can wield the hoover and a duster one handed!

  6. Jill, Matilda Rose19 June 2013 at 10:06

    I'm now expecting an increase of break-ins at the chemist - we'll all be after Etinox (you've all given it such good reviews). Mind you Pip, if you'd had those 3 double vodkas after you'd walked Ozzy, rather than before, it might not have happened.
    Going down the Welford Arm today so come and drown your sorrows!xx

  7. How are you feeling now? Have you been back to the fracture clinic yet and if so, what is the prognosis?
    I am not going to take the proverbial or rib you about too much alcohol because sure as eggs is eggs as soon as I go that route I will fall arse over tip and join you at the A&E..
    Take care and give yourself a chance to heal.
    X Lesley

  8. Jill, ha, I wish!!!! I'll ring you about Welford.

    Lesley, thanks for that. Fracture Clinic appointment next Tuesday so I'll hopefully know more then - although, it being Northampton hospital, I'm not holding my breath. Take care, and stay on your feet!

    and Everyone, before any more wisecracks appear about vodka - it was 10 am, and none had been consumed!!!!!

    Pip x

  9. Oh Pip, I go away for 10 days and look what happens as soon as I take my eyes off your blog :(

    How did you get on at the Fracture Clinic? I hope the pain is under control and that you make a speedy recovery.


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