Friday, 30 August 2013

A ‘not so nice’ view!…

We set of around 9 am this morning, and filled with fuel at Stowe Hill Marine.  Not long after that we came across a canoe, paddled with two bits of wood nailed together, by an very dirty chap in a hoody.  As we passed him he leaned forward to peer at something in the well of the canoe, exposing a very large amount of extremely grubby bum cleavage!  Not really what I wanted to see – oh well, it takes all sorts!


Pretty cottage at Flore Bridge

We proceeded on, through Weedon Bec and then to Wilton, the first of the seven locks in the Buckby Flight.  We worked the first couple on our own, but soon realised that there was a boat following, so we waited in the third lock for them to catch up.  We then shared the work for the rest of the locks.  They were a lovely trio, on nb Kantara.  A couple and a friend, on their way back to Yelvertoft Marina.  It was a pleasure to share with such delightful people.  They also blog, so we agreed to look up each others blog.

We are moored now at Norton Junction just into the Leicester arm.


Ozzy making himself comfortable in my chair

Ozzy didn’t disturb us all night last night so he was obviously okay.  He still seems a little confused however, and didn’t think much of being shut in the boat while we worked the locks.  Unlike Cassie, he is obviously not ‘lock savvy’ yet, it will probably be a year or two yet before I can take him with me when we are locking and trust him not to wander off, get into trouble, or, worst of all, fall in the water!  I did take him on his lead and tie him up while I worked the lock, but he made such a fuss when I walked away to open the paddles at the other end, that I put him back on the boat as soon as it was up the lock.  Still, it’s only his first trip so we can’t expect too much all at once.

7.5 miles 7 locks


  1. Welcome back to the blog-a-sphere..
    X Lesley

  2. Pip I think Ozzy will be fine around the locks. It is very unlikely that he will fall in and you can teach him lots of stays and lie downs while you are operating the locks. Lots of cuddles too and some goodies for him in your pocket for 'good boys' should do the trick.

    It worked well each time I had to teach a new collie the ropes!

    BTW the link to NP's blog is not right so if you get a moment.. Do we ever?..

  3. It was good to meet you both, and share the lock flight with you. We saw you leave Watford Top Lock as we arrived at the bottom. Sorry we missed you when you left the Norton mooring. All the best on Windsong.

  4. Sue, your collies have 10 times more brain cells than Ozzy!! Tried it today and in the end had to out him back on the boat so we could actually get somewhere!!!

    Roger and Grace - lovely to meet you too. We did look for you earlier in the day, but obviously missed you later on. Enjoy the rest of your cruising.

  5. Sue, the link should be okay now


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