Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ste-Foy La Grande…..

We went and had a wander around Ste –Foy La Grande, one of the nearest local towns, this morning.  The weather started off gloomy and drizzly but improved as the day wore on, the sun coming out a little before we left to return to our gite.  The town was given the name in honour of a young Roman girl, Foy, the daughter of a Roman aristocrat from Agen.  She was born around 290AD and, having become a Christian, refused to relinquish her faith, preferring instead to submit to torture and death at the age of 13.  Several miracles were reported and she was revered after her death.  Legend tells of a monk from Conques who brought back her remains to his Abbey, which was later established in the Manse Du Venerol in 1076, near to a Priory where Ste Foy was venerated.  It was therefore decreed that this become the name of the new town created by Alphonse de Poitiers.  In 1363, the town, having developed rapidly, was given the name Sainte-Foy La Grande, probably to distinguish it from others of the same name.


The building which houses the tourist office (which was closed) dates from the 15th century.  The “ennobling turret” was added in 1690, awarded by Henri IV to a consul of the city who lived in the house, for service rendered to the crown.


This half timbered house next door to the tourist office also dates from 15th century, and apparently the sculpted beams on the facade depict medieval images of people and animals representing good and evil


Yet another half-timbered building

The sun having started to come out by now, and somewhat bored with looking at half-timbered buildings, we decided that a walk by the river was in order.


The Dordogne River, running extremely swiftly, and very high indeed.  It seems that not only in the UK is there flooding, this is part of the Quay, disappearing beneath the water.  We have also heard of severe flooding in Bordeaux.  We spotted another path on the opposite bank, which looked like a pleasant walk, so we will explore that another day, along with the River Museum, and the Maison Des Vins which are also on the other side of the river.


  1. Lovely, thank you...did the water inundate any of the houses in Ste Foy?

    1. Not sure, Sharyn - it had certainly been higher than it was when we visited as we could see the 'tidemark' where it had been.


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