Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The best yet…..

Yesterday (Monday) was the best day yet, weather wise.  We went to Ste Foy to do our grocery shopping in warm sunshine, 16 deg and rising, and the sunshine continued non-stop all day.  We sat out with coffee and I got a load of washing dry in the light breeze.  Ozzy had a lovely time playing with Poppy, our host’s dog, and Pickles, our host’s pet sitter’s dog (our hosts have returned to the UK to look after grandchildren for 10 days).

A few more photos of the gite and surroundings, taken about 5.30 pm, just as the sun was starting to go down.



The pool, obviously not in use at the moment!




As you can see, just about in the middle of nowhere, with very few other houses visible, just a farm or two up the road.  It’s been very peaceful here, and a nice break, despite the weather being so wet.  But we are having to start to think about returning to reality now – we leave here on Friday, taking a leisurely drive back up through France, stopping at Tours on Friday night, and Rouen on Saturday night, using the tunnel to cross back to good old Blighty on Sunday afternoon. 

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