Sunday, 31 May 2015

Still here.....

We haven't disappeared off the face of the planet - we've been busy entertaining 2 of our granddaughters. I've done a blog on LiveWriter, but somehow things have got screwed up and I can't publish it from there. It's a long blog so I really don't want to have to use up all our mobile internet data by re-doing it in Blogger. I'll publish it when they sort the problem out. We are heading home now - I've been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis since last summer, and my foot is really painful so we've decided to cut our cruise short, and go home so I can attempt to get some proper treatment on the good old NHS - but I'm not holding my breath!


  1. Well Pip Plantar Fasciitis sure sounds like a right pain, literally :(

    Hope you get some treatment and relief soon, I guess that there
    must be nothing worse for a woman who can't put her foot down ;)

    Your Blogger/LiveWriter 'problem' might be explained via this link...

    All the best, hope you're feeling better soon :)

    Kevin Too


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