Friday, 15 May 2015

Week 1…..

Wednesday 13th May

Just a short hop today as we aren’t sure of the moorings near Napton.  We didn’t want to do all the Napton Locks today.  We planned to water and empty the loo at Braunston, but the water point our side of the junction is awkward, and there were two boats on it already, so we didn’t bother to wait.  It wasn’t vital, and we can get water at Napton.  We also planned to pop into Midland Diddler’s Chandler’s as well, but their mooring was also taken so we didn’t do that either.


We turned right at the junction to continue on the Oxford/GU section, and have found a lovely mooring with views across the countryside.  If the weather is as forecast tomorrow, we will stay here until Friday.



 4.5 miles and 0 locks

Friday 15th May

We sat tight yesterday through the wind and rain, and set off this morning at about 9 o’clock.  It was a much better day than yesterday, although dull and cloudy and quite nippy. Shortly after we set off, fellow bloggers Jo and Keith on  Hadar passed us heading to the Leicester Arm.  We had a few shouted greetings, but no photo as I was on the towpath walking Ozzy with no camera.  We knew they were heading our way and did expect to see them today, although maybe not quite as early as we did.

We stopped and filled with fuel at Wigrams Turn Marina, and they kindly allowed us to empty a loo cassette and also to fill with water.  Really friendly people – pity it’s so expensive as it seems a nice place to have a permanent mooring – too rich for our blood though!


Napton Windmill

When we reached the bottom of the Napton flight of locks we had a very short wait as there was a boat in front of us about to go into the first lock, but it wasn’t long before we were on our way again.  The locks were not particularly busy, we passed a few boats coming down but not many – there were more heading our way.  We were at the top of Napton, heading for Marston Doles by about 1.45, and through the two locks there by about 2.30.  At the top of Marston Doles we encountered our second bloggers of the day – Chas and Ann on More-2-Life.  Unfortunately we couldn’t chat as there was no room to stop.  More shouted greetings and we were past!  We continued on our way for about 20 minutes and are now moored in the middle of nowhere between Bridges 121 and 122.

8.3 miles and 9 locks

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