Sunday, 21 September 2008

Progress Report No 4

On Wednesday, Ali and Andy from Beacon duly visited XR & D with the plans for the positioning of the portholes and side doors, and also to discuss other planning details, Ali took some photos and emailed them - below is a selection

Port bow showing lovely Josher curve

From the bow, again showing curves

Scroll-work on the bow

She has a roof!

Gary of XR & D - what a fine figure of a boat-builder!! Shame about the pose though, Gaz!!

Saturday 20th September
It was such a beautiful day yesterday, we decided not to waste it, so we went over to have a look at Market Harborough Basin. What a lovely, peaceful spot.

We then went over to Foxton Locks, one of our favourite places for a 'fix', had some lunch and then took Cassie for a nice long walk along the towpath. On the way we enountered Les, taking it easy on board nb Valerie, and had a chat with him. Meanwhile nb Skyy came cruising past! We have been reading boat blogs for a long time now, and not having met any of the bloggers, and now we've met 3 in a week!


  1. Hi Pip
    Windsong is looking superb, lovely pinched bow. Where are you thinking of mooring her?

  2. Hi Lesley, nice of you to say so - (I feel like a new parent when someone admires their baby!!)
    We are going to try continuous cruising for the first couple of years - basing ourselves around the Midlands during the winter. If we find it too difficult we may have to look for a winter mooring in a marina - we'll see how it goes. Caxton is looking good too - you must be getting very excited now - not long to wait.


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