Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sorry Ang, I lied!

I had a call yesterday lunchtime from our friends Ang & Tony who live in Kings Lynn. 'Are you doing anything?' says Ang. 'No' says I. 'We thought we might come over and see you this afternoon'. 'Ok' says I, 'see you about 2'. At about 2.20 the phone rang - the car had overheated on the A1, and they had pulled into a petrol station not a mile away from us to let it cool down. The A1 outside our village is a nightmare at the moment due to a contra-flow, and the traffic was solid and hardly moving. An hour and a half later they still hadn't appeared, so I phoned to be told that it had overheated again, they had abandoned it in a layby, and were walking to our house! Five minutes later they arrived - by this time it was nearly 4. The traffic cleared after 6, so Rog took Tony back to the car, and they managed to get it to our house without it overheating again. 'Stay the night' say I. They didn't need much persuading, and so, after a few phone-calls to cancel their evening arrangements, and to their grown up daughter at home, to check that she would be in to look after their 14 yr old son, they did!! A huge Chinese take-away and much alcohol was consumed, and we had a great evening. What could be better than spending an unexpected evening with good friends? Not much I say! So, knickers inside out, and with the coolant on the car topped up, they left at about 10.30 this morning. No trouble with the car at all on the way home, Ang says it must have been sabotaged! 'Not guilty' I cried - but sorry Ang, I lied - I put the fluence on it from afar!! Thanks for a great evening - see you soon.

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